Always Stay Fit After 40

It's very important after we turn 40 that we don't take our help for granted in that we eat right and exercise for our health and wellness

Train With Irina at Lifetime Athletic

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The Fit at Forty PLUS Club will give you access to videos on using various exercise machines and working out from home

Train With Irina at Lifetime Athletic

Get In Shape With Exercise

The Fit at Forty PLUS Club is focused on everyone over Forty. We give tips for exercise and nutrition, for the beginner and the experienced.

Train with Irina at Lifetime Athletic

Train With Irina at Lifetime Athletic

Irina Marchenkova is the host and primary trainer in the Fit at Forty PLUS Club and a personal trainer at Lifetime Athletic in Ajax, Ontario.

Train With Irina at Lifetime Athletic

Train With Irina

Fitness does not have to be boring! Find out how to make it interesting at the Fit at Forty PLUS Club.

Train with Irina at Lifetime Athletic


Need a Personal Trainer Ajax?

Need a Personal Trainer in Ajax? Welcome to Fit at Forty Plus Club. This is a website that has interesting and up to date information on living a healthy and active life.This site is focused on the over 40 crowd.

If you need a Personal Trainer in Ajax it also provides you a way to connect with her.

Join the Fit over Forty Club through this site and get the articles and videos as soon as they are published. 

Irina Marchenkova Personal Trainer

Before moving to Canada, Irina Marchenkova completed at 5 year specialized university degree in Sports Medicine and Physical Training. After that she worked with some of Russia’s most famous oligarchs, political and public figures. where she gained experience with high quality products. She provided the highest level of quality of professional service. All along she dreamed of becoming a personal trainer.

Irina Marchenkova comes to Victoria

Irina Marchenkova came to Canada in 2010 and arrived at to Victoria, British Columbia. She instantly noticed that the colourful, luxurious soaps that she had come to love in her native Russia were not in Canada. She created a new concept store in downtown Victoria, British Columbia  CHIC Luxury Soaps.

Irina Marchenkova was excited to be able to infuse Victoria with an exotic and unique variety of soaps and luxury bath products.

All of the products are made with the highest quality of ingredients to achieve the ultimate experience in relaxation and skin care.

These exciting soaps are made from natural ingredients, like pure essential oils coconut oil, shea butter and beautifully natural fragrances. The physical store has now been closed and CHIC Luxury Soaps has a booth at the Arts Market in downtown Toronto and a full range of products online. 

Irina Marchenova was lucky enough to be selected to gift the CHIC Luxury Soaps products to celebrities at the Oscars

Irina Marchenkova | Personal Trainer Ajax

Irina Marchenkova then became a certified Personal Trainer in Ajax through Canfitpro.  She currently works as a personal trainer at Lifetime Athletic, in Ajax.

Irina is a blogger and Personal Trainer Ajax and her site Fit at Forty PLUS website is a portal to personal training and has information about exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Irina has authored a number of articles about the experience of personal training that may be helpful in your training regime such as the article Save on Personal Training.

Irina’s newest project will be the creation of a social media page at This will be a page where people can share their stories, thanks, congratulations, and compliments about other people. 

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