Why is Setting Goals Important

Why is Setting Goals Important is a fun video to get you to think about the importance of setting fitness goals. Even though this is a fun treatment of the idea of setting goals, this is a very serious topic.

Why is Setting Goals Important

You probably know that my motto is Live Long and Live Well. In order to get the motivation to exercise, eat well and keep fit, we need motivation. The key to motivation is to having goals. Like it says in my video, the important thing is just to take the first step. That momentum is what can take you along to make the changes that you decide to make.

Setting Goals creates a Life Map

Many of us just wander through life like cattle in a grazing yard. It is just like they do the basics and just react to whatever their environment throws at them. There is no destination in mind and like cows in the field each day starts in a different location and just moving along by chance. By setting goals, we reduce this effect. They create a starting point and end point.

Our goals should be specific. If we are attempting to reduce body fat, our goal should not just be to reduce body fat. We should measure our body fat (ie, 20%) and have a specific target (ie 15%). This way we know if and when we have reached our target.

Once we have the target defined, when they set our short term objectives in order to make it to our target.

When we set goals, it is important to not only list our long-term objectives but also the daily actions required to help us achieve them. That is one of the reasons why it is so important to set goals. It gives us a clear set of actions to follow.

After we have the goals and short term objectives set, we will find that we get focus and clarity.

After we have taken that first step and have clarity and focus, we can then measure our successes and celebrate them.

Having clear goals saves us time by preventing us from losing our way and wasting energy on things that are not related to our goals.

Live Long and Live Well

Most of us can’t live our dream life, because we have never identified with clarity what might look like.We become those cattle in the field just grazing and going through life without knowing what makes us truly happy. This leads to regret later in life, when we look back and realize that we did not pursue our happiness. We have a better chance of living well  by setting goals. It forces us to think about how we want to live and what we want to achieve.


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Irina Marchenkova | Personal Trainer Ajax | Fit at Forty
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So are you coming or not to workout?

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Remember to “Live Long and Live Well”