Training vs Nutrition: Which is more important?

It is impossible to separate the influences of training vs nutrition on fitness. When considering overall fitness it is important to separate fitness into cardio and weight or resistance training.  These three operate with each other and influence each other. You will have to consider all of diet and caridio and weight training if you want to lose weight or gain muscle.  It is a three point solution: I would say that it is impossible to say which one is more important, but one or more may be more important depending on your fitness experience. Training vs Nutrition for the

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Cardio vs. High Intensity Interval Training


Cardio vs. High Intensity Interval Training for the Over 40 Crowd? I have talked much about all of the benefits to staying fit and exercising daily. There are many risks for those of us who are 40 plus that exercise can reduce. For example, you can significantly reduce your risk for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and staying fit is good for your skin. We as humans were made to move and we stay healthier by moving. Cardio (Aerobic) Exercise Some exercise is better than no exercise. Cardio is relatively simple to do and there is no doubt that it is

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10 Ways to Commutercise on the Bus or Train (Exercise During your Commute)


Many of us spend nearly an hour going to and from work. Compare that to how much time we spend on exercise. Some of us don't spend any time exercising. So if we can use that 60 minutes effectively, we can add a daily exercise routine and use our commute time more effectively. Here are 10 ways that you can commutercise to increase your level of fitness. These are the types of exercises that don't draw attention so if you are shy or self conscious you can get away with doing most of these undetected.  1. Stand on the bus

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Exercise Anywhere “Commutercising”


“Commutercising” to make better use of your day and improve your health Many of us have busy lives and sometimes it’s difficult to get to the gym to do that 30 to 45 minute workout. The good news is that we don’t have to go to the gym to get a reasonable routine completed. We can workout by going about our daily business from home, the office or even while sitting in the car. Here are some simple tips to get that workout completed while doing simple tasks. I will be going over some of these simple workouts in my

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