10 Ways to Commutercise on the Bus or Train (Exercise During your Commute)


Many of us spend nearly an hour going to and from work. Compare that to how much time we spend on exercise. Some of us don't spend any time exercising. So if we can use that 60 minutes effectively, we can add a daily exercise routine and use our commute time more effectively. Here are 10 ways that you can commutercise to increase your level of fitness. These are the types of exercises that don't draw attention so if you are shy or self conscious you can get away with doing most of these undetected.  1. Stand on the bus

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Bet you didn’t know you can exercise your bones?

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Bones are alive like other tissues in your body. Similar to muscle, bones can get stronger through exercise. Bone density and strength is usually measured by bone mass. We usually have our highest bone mass in our 30's. Going into our 40's most of us experience a reduction in bone mass that continues throughout the rest of our life. Many elderly people experience falls which can result in fractures. Exercising regularly provides the benefits of more energy, strength, and better balance which is a great prophylactic for fractures resulting from a fall. Part of a healthy bone routine is having

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