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Work it out with Irina Marchenkova, a personal trainer at Life Time Athletic in Ajax, Challenge yourself to do better and be better [yotuwp type="videos" id="JoKZhIrTNpY" player="cc_load_policy=0&iv_load_policy=3"] Irina Marchenkova is a Fitness Trainer in Ajax doing Personal Training in Ajax at Life Time Athletic Personal Trainer Ajax | Personal Trainer Whitby | Personal Trainer Oshawa Personal Trainer Durham | Personal Trainer Pickering | Irina Marchenkova Victoria  

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Live Well or Live Long?

As a fitness trainer in Ajax, I often think about the question... would you rather live well or live long? I recently conducted an online survey. Given a choice of living to the age of 25, but living a great life or living to 95 but having serious health problems, which would you choose. 98% of those who answered said that they would prefer to live to age 25. That is, most people would rather live a shorter great life. The most interesting aspect of this survey is that most of us do not have to make that choice. Advice

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Save on Personal Training- Train Three Times Per Week

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You can save on personal training by training three times a week. This seems to go against the conventional wisdom. I have heard it so many times "I can't afford to train 3 times a week, it is too expensive. When you take a closer look at the different scenarios, you will discover that it is at least the same cost, and most likely even less expensive for you to train three times a week in comparison to once or twice a week. First of all, does it make sense to train three times a week? Some people have asked

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Training Recovery: The new fitness trend

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Training Recovery Consider adding training recovery to your workout routine. Getting out the gym, on the trail or at the track is essential to moving towards improving your health and longevity. What many people don’t realize is that spending hours lifting, running or jumping every day might actually be detrimental. Sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Rest and recovery are an essential part of making progress in your workout routine. Many experts argue that the recovery is as important than the exercise itself. There are 3 types of recovery period the first type is immediate recovery , the second part type is

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