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Box Jumps are very simple. You just jump onto a raised box landing on both feet. When you land you just straighten your legs. After that jump back down backwards and then straighten your legs. You can do a variation by stepping down instead of jumping down.

You can choose the box height that suits your level of fitness for the box jump and your size best. With box jumps it is better to start low and work it up.  Consider starting with three sets of 10 jumps every other day.

Box Jumps can be a great way to increase your strength. You will discover that you are using all of your legs. You will burn 800 to 1000 calories per hour, but this is probably not the best exercise for calorie burning, its mostly for increasing strength and improving tone. Could you really imaging doing box jumps for one hour? However it will facilitate the burning of fat before carbohydrates.

Box Jumps – Do Them Anywhere

You can do this exercise almost any where. You don’t have to buy equipment for this one. You don’t even need a box to do box jumps.  All you really need to do them is something that is the right height and is stable and strong enough to jump on. You can use stairs, furniture or even an elevated rock. 

Why the Box Jumps?

Doing this exercise is a great way to increase coordination and balance. They will help to improve your ability to jump high as well as your speed. It is a good foundation for training in most sports since it involves the core abilities for most sports. However, the best part is that you can challenge yourself with the box jumps. Continue to add height, increase speed, or the number of jumps in a repetition to challenge yourself to do more. It can become a game that you can play with yourself to see how much better you can do. Jumping on a box can help you to live a longer life with better quality.

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