My name is Irina Marchenkova, Welcome to my official page, Fit at Forty PLUS.

I am a personal trainer at Lifetime Athletic in Ajax, Ontario. I have had amazing success with my clients. I will help you focus on your goals and keep you motivated.
I work with men and women. I started as a personal trainer with Lifetime Athletic in Ajax in September 2018. I do work in weight loss, body sculpting, fitness, cardio, and muscle toning and building. 
You can come to the Ajax location of Lifetime Athletic to work with me. You must first become a member of the Life Time Athletic Club. I can assist you on how do that. After you become a member, I will sit down with you for a consultation so that we can:
    1. assess your fitness level,


    1. talk about nutrition, and


  1. figure out your goals.

After the first session, we will make a plan on how we will move from A to B towards your goals. I will support you, motivate you and keep you accountable. I will also work with you between sessions to ensure that you stay focused on your goals. My goal is to help you to improve your life and to live well and live long!

The Club – Life Time Athletic

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You will have a great time and Life Time Athletic. This is a premier athletic club in the Durham region located in Ajax. You will be very happy with this club if you are seeking more than the ordinary. You will be able to work out and play in spaces designed to move and inspire you. It’s like a home away from home. After working out or playing, you can relax in lounge and social areas to recover, reset and refresh. What a great social space to meet like minded people in your community. I can assist you by giving you a tour to find out more about Lifetime Athletic in Ajax.

More About Irina Marchenkova

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I have a university degree in Sports Medicine and Sport Training and I am a certified Personal Trainer. I am currently doing education with ISSA (the International Sports Sciences Association) to get my strength and conditioning certification.  This certification will certify me to work with amateur and professional athletes to assist them to improve strength, speed, agility and coordination. 

I am also the owner of the CHIC Luxury Soaps Store  which moved from Victoria, British Columbia to Toronto, Ontario in 2016

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