Irina Marchenkova

Meet Irina… Before moving to Canada. I completed at 5 year specialized university degree in Sports and Physical Training. I then worked with some of Russia’s most famous political and public figures. While in this industry, I gained experience with high quality products, and excellent quality of professional service.

When I came to Canada I moved to Victoria, BC. I instantly noticed that the colourful, luxurious soaps I came to love in my native Russia were nowhere to be found. I created a store in Victoria, call CHIC Luxury Soaps. I was excited to be able to infuse Victoria with an exotic and unique variety of soaps and luxury bath products. All of our products are made with the highest quality ingredients to achieve the ultimate experience in relaxation and skin care. Our visually exciting soaps are made from natural ingredients, like pure essential oils coconut oil, shea butter and beautifully natural fragrances. The physical store has now been closed and we have all of our products online. 

I was lucky enough to be selected to gift our products to celebrities at the Oscars. What a great time I had there.

I am now starting up CHIC Sports which will be an online store that sells products for people with an active lifestyle.  I am also the co-producer of Fit at Forty PLUS Club, which is a vlog promoting exercise and healthy living in addition to being a personal trainer. My newest project will be the creation of a social media page at This will be a page where people can share their stories, thanks, congratulations, and compliments about other people. 

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