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These Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Videos are produced by Irina Marchenkova in association with Bagira Productions. They are simple and short health, lifestyle and fitness videos. They give an often new or different perspective on your body, mind and life.

These videos just offer a perspective on living life. The perspective in general is very simple, good energy creates a good life which creates good energy. Our body is a temple for our soul. The soul never dies, it only moves in dimensions. If it is a temple of the soul, we should provide it with good nutrition to keep the temple strong.

I strongly believe in Karma and that what we give in life, we will also receive. Be nice to everyone everyday, and you will then receive that energy back. By being good to others, we are also being good to ourselves and keeping our mind, body and spirit in good health.

What is important is not how much money you have, but to live long and live well!